1.  I’m still annoyed at humans.  Wondering if it’something wrong with me or again…Is it everyone around me?  Hmmmmm….

2.  Question…What’s with the Nutella obsession?  I mean it’s good and all, but I swear, when people say the word I hear moans.  Pinterest if full of recipes containing Nutella and then I see people’s comments:  Ohhhh, mmmmm…I want to make out with this dish…Type of things.  Just wondering why.  Am I missing something? Is there a bud on my tongue that is not as Nutella nuts as it should be?

3.  How often do you clean out your bathroom sink? Every day?  Every other day?  Three times a day? Once a week?  Reason I ask.  I have one Bathroom, which gives me one bathroom sink.  My kids are constantly spitting their toothpaste all over my freshly cleaned sink and it makes me crazy.    How often do they even brush their teeth??  It’s always there, splattered…blue… gross!

4.  Some people just should NOT continue posting on Facebook.  I wonder if they have friends or family that ever tell them how silly they sound. ( do people feel that way about my Facebook posts?) hmmmmm?

5.  It is so wonderful to have friends who have the ability to know what you need for them to do and say when you don’t even know what you would like for them to do or say. (following me?)  Just little things like being there.  Calling to ask what’s new, even though you’ve spoke 10 times that week.  Stopping by with a cup of coffee because they know you are stressed.  I don’t like to take time away from people. Everyone is busy, and I know how hard it is to give up time cleaning, or cooking or organizing…Grocery shopping, carting kids around, working… Honestly, I could keep going.  I get it.  Life is busy, but I want my friends to know how much I appreciate their presence in my life and for taking time out when there is no time to give.  I’m such a lucky gal.

6.  So, dinner last night…I had a meeting.  (I cooked angel chicken from a pin on Pinterest.  Good Stuff!) When I cam home at 6:30…Jordyn was in bed.  Yeah, huge fall out with Daddy.  The story seemed quite humorous.  He boiled a pound of noodles in a small sauce pan.  Connor spilled his entire glass of juice all over the floor and wall.  While Daddy was cleaning up the mess, the teeny tiny amount of water holding the pound of noodles in the small saucepan boiled over all over the stove and burned “scum” marks all over the glass top.  Then the noodles overcooked in the water that was left (how does that happen?) and turned into a puddle of gluten free mush.  MMMMMMM.  Anyhow.  She didn’t eat for him.  Thank GOD it’s not just me!

7.  Tonight, I made Shrimp scampi because I was making it for a friend anyhow and Connor has been asking for it for months now. Jordyn normally loves Shrimp scampi, but tonight, again.  No appetite.  I told her to just get up and go to bed.  Immediately the croc tears began to fall.  She stops short in our hallway which has a mirror and proceeds to bust out in the most dramatic theatrical tears you have ever seen.  She turns to the mirror and watches herself through the entire scene.  Patrick, Connor and I laughed so hard we started to cry.  That girl CRACKS us up…So much so, I’m gonna go grab a glass of wine.  🙂
Night Night!