This week we have plans almost every single night, so it will be a different type of Meal Plan adventure.

Monday:  Dinner with Friends (I’m either making Angel Chicken with parmesan noodles or Greek Pesto Chicken over rice)

Tuesday:  Family Dinner night with The Smitty’s.  No idea what we are eating yet

Wednesday:  Dinner with Friends who are expecting a baby at ANY moment! Not sure if we are eating in or out!

UPDATE:  Baby Boy is in the midst of being born as I type…Thinking dinner plans will be me dropping dinner off to them while they all sleep! I’m so happy.  I love when babies are born! (Love you guys)

Thursday:  Whatever I didn’t make Monday night I will make tonight

Friday:  Dinner out with friends with our date night group.

Saturday and Sunday:  I’m sure we’ve eaten enough for the whole weekend at this point.  Somebody roll me home!  🙂