This is a Thursday Rant because I forgot that Tuesday was here…And then as fast as I forgot it was here, it had already past.  (does any of this make sense?)


1.  So…Last week, I am pretty sure I dozed off with a glass of wine in my hand.  That’s not like me at ALL. I should find a new Doctor.  🙂

2.  Heartbreak alert:  For years now Patrick and I have watched an elderly couple walk around our neighborhood and surrounding areas hand in hand picking up trash in reusable bags.  Everytime I saw this adorable couple my heart would beat an extra beat for their love.  I hadn’t seen them out recently and thought it was because it was so cold out.  Not the case.  I found out that the wife passed away in October.  Heartbroken.  My heart broke when I heard of this happening and it still feels broken for this man.

3.  Nothing kills cooking mojo more than 2 kids who think you cook with poison.

4. Dear Pinterest, Thank you…I think.  Seriously though.  Thank You Pinterest for making my kids teachers have an abnormal perception of me.  They think I’m crafty and creative even though I explain that I am quite the opposite and that Pinterest has changed my life and the lives of most of my friends.

5.  Does anyone else have issues with their kids eating what I’m going to call “compound food” Food that is layered.  Example: rice on bottom, saucy chicken on top?  Do they make you place the rice in it’s own spot and keep things from touching?

6.  So, I’m mentioning this dinner thing a lot.  Last night my gallant hubby “FREAKED” out on the kids.  Pulled out all the punches (not literal…Calm down)  Kids are starving all over the world, no dessert for three days, you hurt your moms feelings when you gag while eating her food…You know, stuff like that!  Thank you Hubby.  You Totally sounded like a Dad last night!

7.  Oh, wait…Another dinner story (ALL FROM THE SAME WEEK).  Monday night I made Thai peanut noodles (I’ve made them a bazillion times)  Jordyn refused to eat.  I stir fried carrots and onions and mushrooms and added them.  She said she doesn’t liked cooked carrots or cooked onion and she suddenly became tired, her tummy hurt and her head was throbbing.  Sooooooo….I gave her a bath and she went to bed.  Without eating her supper!  (Insert Gasp Here).  I am not the mom who will cook alternate meals for my kids.  They eat what I make or they don’t eat.  In my defense, I tend to make food that I know my kids will like. Flavors that I know they have liked in the past, but if they don’t eat, I don’t offer them any other foods.  I pick up their plate and leave it on the stove.  If they mention anything about food the rest of the night I offer them their dinner (which has worked in my favor a ton of times).  Does anyone else do this or are you calling the authorities on me?  How many meals do you make in one night?  Are my kids going to need therapy for dinner time memories or is that just me?

8.  So, My friends know that I don’t watch the news any more.  It was causing me anxiety and I completely lost the ability to sleep. The good that came out of this was that my anxiety levels dropped to record lows and with the help of melatonin I sleep.  The bad that has come of this is that I have no idea what is happening in the world around me.  We had dinner with my Dad on Tuesday and he asked what I thought of the cruise ship that tipped over.  Um….What??!!  Did you see the images??  And that boat captain!  What a JERK.  Reminded all of us of this shady guy we used to know.

9.  Nope, not ten…Even though I KNOW I had 65 other things to mention…Just can’t remember them.