Mardi Gras 2012

1.  It’s Fat Tuesday and I believe we “taught” not “taut” Papa the meaning behind the celebration this evening  (inside joke…sorry)

2.  I don’t know about you, but I LOVE the fact that my Step Mom chose to wear the Vader mask for our Mardi Gras Masquerade festivities!

3.  I made red beans and rice this evening for like the billionth year in a row and my beans were ROCK hard.  They cooked for hours.  HOURS! WTH!  Who do I sue?

4.  I had a wonderful conversation with a friend today about all the changes going on in my life and how to positively manage these changes.  I haven’t felt this refreshed in YEARS.  I love when a friend can talk to you and give you great insight into a situation that in retrospect seems like common knowledge, but when someone actually talks you through your fears life begins to feel less scary.  ( does this make sense?)

5. Damn you COUPONERS!    This was GOING to be my number 5 rant…ONLY because I took my coupons to Giant Eagle a few weeks ago to impress myself and dazzle my husband with my magnificent savings, only to be foiled by the “COUPONERS” who cleaned the shelves with one quick swoop!  Well…I have this “COUPONER” who I just love dearly and she’s just the sweetest, trendiest, quite frankly most awesomest gal, and I couldn’t be mad at her ever! because what she does with her couponing is very remarkable.  She donates gobs of items and also makes cameo appearances at friends homes to drop off her “winnings”  I love you Rach! <3

6.We built a fort for the kids this weekend, and Connor has chosen to continue to sleep in it.  It really is So cozy in there!

7.  Did Anyone see the Ricky Martin Glee episode?  HElloooooooooo Ricky!  How did I not LOVE Menudo when I was a kid??!

8. Vacation plans are under way…Um…For this year and 2013!!  Woo Hoo! I love when friends want to vacation with us!!  Wheee, gonna be so much fun!

9. A friend of mine called today to let me know she is having a BOY!  Her second boy and I am so very happy for her!  My heart was so happy to hear her voice on the phone!  I can’t wait to see her baby bump (hint hint)