1.  Is it possible to “unlearn” something?

2.  I’m watching my husband watching the Apple Key Note for 2012 and he’s giddy…He’s so flipping cute.  We’ve got some hoots and hollers coming out of him.

3.  My sweet babies got their hairs cut yesterday.  Jordyn looks like a completely different child.  She looks like she’s 9.  I’m slowly dying inside.

4.  I’m not sure what’s going on with me or why, but it hasn’t ended and I thought for sure it would have ended by now.

5.  Today, Connor stayed home from school because he was throwing up at 3 am. I took him out for a walk while J was in school to help him get some fresh air.  He laughed so hard it brought tears to my eyes.  I kinda love sick days.  🙂

6.  I didn’t vote yesterday because I couldn’t vote for All day Kindergarten, but I also couldn’t NOT vote for our schools. So alas…I didn’t go (Patrick did…and he voted for our schools)  DAMN!  She’s leaving me all day next year. Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

7.  I met with my new Dr. last week…

8.  My “people” don’t handle life well when I’m not happy and positive 24/7.  I tried to explain to them that no one can be perfectly happy 365 days a year, but now that my time limit of blah is up they are becoming a bit irrational in my opinion.

9. Last night, out of the blue there was a knock on my door.  A friend of mine dropped off the most beautiful, inspirational handmade gift I have ever received.  The Grace of God is amazing how He sends people to comfort your heart when you are most in need.  She and I haven’t spoke in a few weeks because I feel I have nothing to offer. She hasn’t known of the internal angst I’ve been going through. She hasn’t seen my tears first hand…But she felt I needed these words of encouragement and I thank God for her heart and her friendship.

10.  If I ask for prayers… Prayers of positivity, prayers of healthy cells, prayers of daily peace could I do that and ask that those prayers are prayed without questions. I’m not in the mood for interrogation at the moment.  🙂  Interrogation includes talk of what if’s and what if’s are usually negative in thought and theory and I TRULY do not need ANY additional negativity in my path at the moment.  Thank You.  🙂