“The fastest way to become the Master of your thoughts and emotions is through challenging situations. If your life is going along fairly smoothly, there are not the same opportunities that enable you to strengthen your power and become the Master of your thoughts and emotions.

You see, even challenges are beautiful opportunities in disguise.”  Rhonda Byrne

I am a lucky girl.  I have a husband who loves me.  Crazy loves me!

And I have a group of friends who make me feel so very special.

Each of our struggles are unique.  I have felt for so long that I have been given so much, that my struggles weren’t worth bringing up.  I enjoy listening to my friends and talking with them about what is weighing heavy on their minds.  In a way it is therapy for myself as well.

It’s interesting, how as we grow older, our friendships become something different.

In a way, they become as important as breathing.

I’m not sure how this past year would have unfolded had I not had these people in my life.

It’s funny.

The ebb and flow of a friendship.

Of any relationship, really.

Watching the strength of one strengthen another.

I have been strengthened this year, and I am grateful for the power of this type of love.